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  • I teach Pilates and BarreConcept classes. Both classes help to  strengthen and tone your muscles, particularly your core, back, hips and buttocks and helps to stabilise your spine and improve your posture and your flexibility.  
  • BarreConcept is more upbeat and intense. Using a ballet barre to support the body. The end range movements fatigue the muscles. 
  • I teach pilates in a flowing relaxed way to ensure you receive a mind body connection to improve your mood and enhance your wellbeing.
  • I also teach cardio and HIIT workouts which are both good for elevating your heart rate and fat burning. Weights are used in these classes to help build muscle and burn body fat, strengthen the joints and bones and boosting metabolism. I teach both classes low impact as well as the more challenging higher options so they are suitable for all fitness levels. Beginners are welcome. The classes offer a friendly environment so there is a social element to the sessions too.

    I can provide weights for you to borrow but I recommend you purchase your own once you are familiar with the exercises. You will also need a mat (I can loan mats too). Trainers are required. Most people wear fitness clothing for this class.

  • Pilates class you will need a ball, a band and a head support plus a mat. I can provide these at first but encourage you to purchase your own for hygiene reasons and for home practice.​

Cardio & HIIT Classes 

Cost is £6.50 per class or £12.00 for 2 classes if you sign up for both each week. 


£8.00 - 45 minutes

£10.00 - 60 minutes

£10.00 Drop In fee - 45 minutes

£12.00 Drop In Fee - 60 minutes

121 sessions are also available by appointment. 


£10.00 - 60 minutes

£12.00 Drop In fee - 60 minutes

What our customers are saying

Suzy offers years of experience and a personal touch that makes her one of the best pilates teachers in the area. 

Kerry Greenwood

Just a few words: I would be lost without you.

Trish Kilkenny